Glenn Brophy launches a new show on Streetbeefs Internet Radio


Higher Learning with The Professor, Wednesdays at 6:30 Est.

WTF Fridays

WTF is Going Down Show has moved to Fridays @ 6:30pm Est.


Kevin (K-Dawg) kicks off his new show. It all started with a small 30 minute bit on the Sunday installments of the Streetbeef Fight Talk Live show, and turned into his own full feature show which airs on Saturdays.

Want to be a host? Contact Jason Kubin!!!

The Official StreetBeefs Fight Talk Internet Radio Broadcast Show  

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Streetbeefs Fight Talk LIVE is an international internet radio talk show centered around the Streetbeefs fight club, and combative sports.

Currently the show is being heard in 29 countries on 4 continents. The flagship show is hosted by Streetbeefs Founder: Producer, Jason (Spot-a-Cop) Kubin.

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STUDIO LINE: 516.387.1941

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